Friday, 21 September 2012

Reason I started this Blog because...

Assalaam u alaikum(blessings on you),

I realised that many people have misconception about the great personality Muhammad peace be upon him.In protest against anti-Islamic campaigns and in protest of the movies and cartoons/pictures I would like the world to know about Muhammad (peace be upon him) and I want them to know what exactly he was.What is his personality and what was his mission.I am a muslim so as Islam means peace so this would be a peaceful protest according to me and my knowledge.

Islam is a peaceful religion and not only religion but a complete code of life.How?
Religion has three things:
2)Methods of worship
but Islam does not only cover these above mentioned things but also it covers three more aspects of life:
6)Social life.
 Well the point is to know the personality and mission of Muhammad (sallallah o alaihe wasallam).
In this blog I have tried to inform the all human beings about him.I hope it will help you to change or correct your perception.

Thank you.

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